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Deck Power Washing, Staining, Sealing, & Sanding

Oskar Painting of Connecticut is prepared to handle any deck restoration job. From deck repair to pressure washing and deck cleaning services, we are your deck refinishing choice in Connecticut.

Cleaning Your Deck or Fence – Pressure or Power Washing

One of the best ways to clean the surface of a dirty, weathered redwood deck or fence is to power wash it with a high pressure water sprayer or pressure washer. While the process of pressure washing is pretty simple, those that are inexperienced in working with wood can seriously damage the surface of a deck, adding more work and expense into the deck cleaning process. Learn more about wood deck power washing.

Deck Sanding & Refinishing

When the surface of a deck is severely weathered, dirty, scratched, or sun damaged, it is often recommended that the top layer of old, weakened wood fibers be removed through thorough sanding of the entire deck.

The sanding process helps the wood hold a lasting finish and reveals "like-new" wood fibers hiding just beneath the surface. For the ultimate finish, contact Oskar Painting about sanding your deck before applying a sealer or stain for the ultimate "Oskar Painting finish."

Deck Sealing and Staining

Once your deck is carefully washed or sanded to reveal a like-new finish, Oskar Painting finishes the job with the application of a high quality sealant or your choice of opaque, colored stain. This crucial step protects your wood deck or fence from water, sun damage, dirt and foot traffic for up to two years.

How much sealer do you apply to a deck? More is better, right?

Do-it-yourselfers often make mistakes in this crucial step—applying too much or too little of a low-quality deck sealer—leading to a sticky, gooey finish. Other mistakes lead to messy overspray or the application of traditional paints instead of a high quality deck stain. This can lead to an unattractive finish, premature weather damage, and—worst of all—the risk of having to start all over again.

Wood Fence Refinishing – Cleaning and Sealing

Wooden fencing makes for beautiful, classic looking and private property barriers and gates. Just like decking, wooden fences can become dirty, weathered and sun damaged. Oskar Painting can help make old wooden fencing look like new with the same methods used to achieve hundreds of beautiful deck restorations. Oskar Painting of Connecticut has completed many fence refinishing and sealing projects over the years and we are always happy to quote a fence cleaning and sealing job for you.

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